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  • tips for writing and anything else that has to do with books and stories
  • book/author blog tours
  • book reviews
  • upcoming events for my book/s
  • My ideas and beliefs on worldly subjects


Josh is a student attending Whitehall Memorial High School in Whitehall, Wisconsin. Josh is also the author of Victims of a Tragedy. He started writing the book when he was 15, and got it published when he was 16 years old. After high school he plans on furthering his education by pursuing a degree in zoology and/or creative writing; he also hopes to continue writing books. Josh lives with his mom, dad, and younger sister in the small town of Northfield, Wisconsin. He enjoys writing, pole vaulting, and trying out vegan recipes.


  1. It's great to meet you Josh :) Welcome to the VBT Cafe'.

    1. thanks BK, It's great to meet you also! Can't wait to contribute as much as I can to the VBT Cafe'.